About Us

Our Guiding Principals & Values


" The buyer & seller have the right of option as long as they have not closed the deal. If they were honest & clear, they would be blessed by their transaction. If they concealed facts and lied, the blessings of their transaction would be destroy"

-Muhammad PBUP-


" We shall take accountability for our business dealings and actions. We believe that 'On the day when every soul will be confronted with all the good and all the evil it has done, it will wish there were a great distance between it and it's evil. But Allah cautions you (to fear) Him. And Allah is full of kindness to those that serve Him".

-Surah Al-Imran : 30-


Humans are all equals in the eye of God, thus we shall treat people equally and fairly and with respect. We believe that respect cannot be imposed nor begged. It has to be earned or offered.


Our dealings are guided by our religious & culture values. We always keep our word, and strive to deliver what we have promised.

" And fulfill the covenant. Surely, the covenant shall be asked about (on the day of Reckonings)"

-Surah Al-Isra : 34-

We strive to excel in every aspect of our business and are passionate about our team, process, product and service excellence. For us, excellence is a discipline and a means for making the world a better place.

Code of Conduct

Company's Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct applies to all our stakeholders, which includes the board of directors, shareholders, employees, consultants, agents, suppliers and any other third party who acts on behalf of MNS Services and Sales Sdn. Bhd. Our Co of Conduct contains overarching principles to guide us and help us live our values in the right way. We shall apply these principles in our behaviors, interactions and decisions while doing business.