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Industries and Application

Safety or spray shields are used to prevent harmful substances from spraying out and causing damage. They provide a last line of defense against accidents and minimize risks like fires, explosions, and harm to people.

Safety is paramount within the Oil & Gas industry from extraction, through pipeline & terminals, to refining & petrochemicals. Several common safety shield applications exist within the wider oil & gas industry, including prevention of oil mist, acid spray-outs and jet fire.

Typical applications in the Oil & Gas industry include; acid and alkalis, steam, prevention of oil mist, gas jet.

A wide variety of hazardous substances are used within chemical and pharmaceutical industries (petrochem, bulk, speciality etc). Never has health & safety been of such a high importance as now, with ‘zero incidents’ being the target for many chemical manufacturers. We have over 30 years experience supplying spray guards to these industries for a wide range of applications. As the list of checmical used is extensive, our material compatibility guide give a list of chemicals that are generally used. Contact us to find out more if the checmicals used in your industry is not listed in the guide.

Typical applications in the Chemical industry include acids and alkalis, steam and oil mist prevention.

Ship engine room safety is largely governed by SOLAS. In 2003 an amendment was raised to avoid fires (the result of oil on hot surfaces) stating “oil lines shall be screened or otherwise protected against spray”. Further, oil mist formation is considered particularly dangerous and many injuries have occurred through high pressure steam leaks.

A number of high profile cruise lines have been directly affected by oil spray from leaking pipe joints. Resulting fires and power loss creates widespread detestation. Our spray shields have been used for Flanges, Filter hoods, Fuel hoses and pumps.

Both large-scale generation stations to small engine-sets will require spray guards.Typically lubrication oil and seal oil require some form of shielding to avoid spray-outs contacting hot surfaces with the subsequent risk of ignition. This application has been responsible for many fires, causing considerable damage and significant insurance claims.

In addition, high pressure steam leaks represent a major hazard to maintenance personnel in Turbine and Boiler rooms.  Lastly, many large power stations particularly located on the coast, use large quantities of Acid to treat cooling water in effluent treatment plant, all will require spray guards.