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Safety Spray Shields / Flange Guards

Spray safety shields, are installed on pipe joints, these being the ‘weak  points’ where leaks typically occur. For critical pressurized applications, they are the vital first line of defense to prevent fire, explosion and toxic  release which would otherwise  endanger plant and personnel.

Flanges are the most common application for safety shields. They’re used to connect pipelines, valves, pumps, strainers & various  other pipe joints. But these joints are considered the weak point from a leakage point of view.

Whilst the vast majority of pipe joint seals operate perfectly through correct material selection and routine maintenance, many high profile incidents and accidents have occurred around the world, specifically caused by flange leaks.

Safety Spray Shields

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Safety or spray shields are used to prevent harmful substances from spraying out and causing damage. They provide a last line of defense against accidents and minimize risks like fires, explosions, and harm to people.
Safety Spray Shields

Where are flange guards / safety spray shield installed?