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Safety Spray Shields

Safety or spray shields are used to prevent harmful substances from spraying out and causing damage. They provide a last line of defense against accidents and minimize risks like fires, explosions, and harm to people.

Flexible Thermal Insulation Covers

Our thermal insulation covers & jackets are an affordable and safe solution. They are asbestos-free, resistant to harsh environments, easy to install and remove with a tailored design, and offer long-term insulation benefits.


Protect your employees from hand and finger injuries by implementing the FingerSaver as your site safety standard practice. The FingerSaver was designed by Specialised Engineering to help a large oil refinery reduce maintenance worker injuries.

Anti-leak Tape

Anti-Leak Tape is a versatile, resistant, and easy-to-use solution. It creates a durable and tight seal, offering protection against various substances. It is also easy to remove without leaving any residue.

Other Products Range

Gaskets, gland packaging, sealing products, & O-ring kits are essential in the oil industry. Gaskets prevent leakage in pipelines and equipment. Gland packaging seals rotating or sliding shafts in pumps and valves. Sealing products secure connections and joints. O-ring kits offer convenient solutions for sealing applications in hydraulic systems and pumps.