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Manufactured from All-PTFE materials (no fibreglass) comprising clear ECTFE outer and multi-layered ETFE mesh inner. This material provides unparalleled chemical resistance.

PDT Pressure Diffusion Technology
Multi-layered ETFE mesh specially formulated to diffuse pressure release, preventing spray and mist formation. The liquid simply drops vertically, removing all hazards

Industrialised & strengthened Velcro provides simple but highly effective means of fitting & removal

Litmus indicator patch
Immediate visual leak indication for acids & alkali applications. Easily replaced, so the shield doesn’t have to be.

This shield is cleverly design to fit multiple flange sizes. This means less stockholding and more flexibility.

The shield body contains no fibreglass. This means it will not degrade in highly aggressive chemical environments.

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The innovative Safety Spray Shield design.
Representing over twenty years experience and development, this new design significantly
improves upon conventional shielding products


Our PDT technology makes SUREBAND THE most effective shield design on the market.
Be sure, be safe, chose Flangeguards


Our Quick-fit connection makes installation and removal of Safety Spray shields quick and simple.
SUREBAND has been designed with simplicity in mind.

The Clear shield uses proprietry technical hook+loop connection (40kg lateral shear strength).

The Steel shield uses a quick connection latch which locks into one of 4 specially designed louvre slots.

Unlike conventional ‘pull-cord’ shields, no knots are required. This is a significant benefit, especially when
removing shields – and tightly tied knots are typically cut, not untied


Our clever Multi-Size system means one shield fits multiple flange sizes. Only 5 shield sizes are needed to fit all 28 standard flanges between ½” and 6″ pipe size (across multiple pressure classes).

This reduces stockholding & speeds up delivery dramatically. It also prevents fitting errors where site surveys are require (fixed size shields require precise flange measurement).